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Khao Lak is the gateway to some of the top diving areas that southern Thailand has to offer.

It has the advantage of being in closer proximity than neighbouring Phuket and Krabi for day trips to locations such as the Similan and Surin Islands and can therefore offer a cost and time effective alternative for those seeking to explore the underwater world.

Khao Lak Diving Khao Lak Diving

Similan Islands. Surin Islands. Southern Thailand is full of supreme diving sights – with names nearly as stunning as the sights below the surface. Go for a day, or book a liveaboard for several. Read More...

Khao Lak Eco Tours Khao Lak Eco Tours

Feeling really adventurous? African safari-style camps have come to the tropical forest – welcome to Elephant Hills. Or enjoy the untamed wilds of Khao Sok National Park.  Read More...

Phang Nga Sea Kayaking Phang Nga Sea Kayaking

Phang Nga Bay is so impressive – beaches, limestone caves, wildlife – we offer five different kayak trips to cover it all; you’ll find the right trip... Read More...

Speedboat Tours Khao Lak Speedboat Tours

These sleek watercraft fire up their powerful engines and cut a smooth incision through the sea, getting you from one scenic spot to another with hair-mussing class. Read More...

Tour Packages Package Tours

From two to five days, we have a range of overnight package tours suitable for any budget. Some are adventurous. Some are leisurely. Something here will interest you, even if you weren’t looking for it. Golf in paradise, boat charters, jungle hikes, and plenty of other options stand ready to introduce you to the best of Thailand. Read More...


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