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Budget does not necessarily mean cheap and nasty. Budget in Khao Lak means fun, and lots of it. Meeting dynamic people is most of the fun of travelling and Khao Lak's Budget Hotel Top Ten certainly has a lot of attractive, gutsy and atmospheric places to choose from. 

SS Emerald Suite Khao Lak -

SS Emerald Suite, the uniqe and exclusive accommodation offers homely comfort, personalized service and every facility for an enchanting holiday in tune with nature. Living here was crafted together by the owners own touches giving guests a real personal touch to Khao Lak. Read More...

Banngobeen Khao Lak -

Baangobeen, your alternative home of nature, 6 semi-detached bamboo wooden rooms and 8 concrete rooms. Located on a private land with a private beach access to a golden sand and crystal clear sea water. Framed with jungle and a long soft beach of Khaolak, harmonized to the nature and keep your holidays from any interruption. Read More...

White Cat Hotel Khao Lak -

White Cat Hotel is a brand new boutique hotel in the center of Bang Niang area, offering 11 modern room with chic designs. Spacious, bright, clean and very neat rooms to satisfy all guests. Complimentary WiFi is available in all area. Read More...


Asiana House Khao Lak -

A small family owned resort is located in a peaceful side of Khaolak, surrounded with local restaurants and shops. The resort will give guests a sensation of tranquility, family oriented service, just like you are at home. Read More...

JT Mansion Khao Lak -

A newly opened in Khaolak- J.T. Mansion promises you a spacious, clean and neat room at an affordable and reasonable price. Situated in the heart of Khaolak where you can easily reach any beaches. Complimentary WiFi is available in all area, including your room.

RT Hotel Khao Lak -

Situated on the main road, on the other side of beautiful beaches of Khao-Lak, Phang-Nga, Thailand. The Hotel offers you state of the art accommodation. Complete with newly furnished room and excellent service. Read More...

Srichada Motel Khao Lak -

Srichada Motel is a hotel conveniently located in the heart of Khaolak Center. 1 Hour from Phuket Airport. Our hotel offer all the amenities that you need on you khaolak holiday ! Aircon or fan rooms, hot and cold water shower, daily cleaning and breakfast are just a couple of things we offer. Read More...

Jerung Hotel Khao Lak -

Under the theme The urban breath. Enjoy city life surrounded by nature. Compact and affordable budget 2 star hotel located at the heart of Khaolak Center. Shopping area, bar hopping and dining out within walking distance. Only 10 minutes to the beach. Great view includes unexpected sea view. Easy to travel to other destination both by land and by sea. Paradise for diver and beach lover. Read More...

Suwan Palm Resort Khao Lak -

Now is the time to relax and play in this paradise at our full-service resort located on Nang Thong Beach in Khao Lak, famous for its proximity to national parks, its breathtaking beaches and relaxed nightlife. Read More...

Khaolak Traveller Lodge Khao Lak -

Khaolak Traveller Lodge offers travelers what they need: cheap, clean and affordable accommodation, in Khao Lak, Thailand. We offer: Double bed, single bed, fully serviced rooms with Air conditioning, hot water, towels, etc. Free WiFi Internet! Read More...

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