Khao Lak Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Khao Lak

While shopping in La On Village is a relaxing experience, neighbouring Bang Niang is even more relaxed.

Handicrafts, beachwear, DVD’s and music CD’s are all available in both locations and Bang Niang’s thrice-weekly market is a must-do (with a camera, of course).

Combining a meal out with a shopping trip at either destination is a favourite pastime.

Bang Niang Shopping Bang Niang Shopping

Shopping in Bang Niang is largely centred on the market and the Soi Bang Niang # 1 area, which is adjacent. You can cover the whole area in an hour or so but the market is fascinating and will probably hold your attention for longer. Read More...

La On Village Shopping La On Village Shopping

Only a few years back La On consisted of a few mom & pop stores, roadside restaurants and a German ‘imbiss’ establishment. Nowadays you can eat pretty much any international dish here, shop till you drop and even grab a Big Mac 24 hours round the clock. Read More...


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