Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga, Thailand


Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga

Facilities & Services

Besides the perfect combination of our unique decoration and the international standard amenities provided in all rooms, other facilities and services are prudently offered with environmental and health concerns in mind. 

Hotel Facilities
  • Swimming Pool at beach front
  • Jacuzzi and sundeck overlooking the private beach
  • Wellness massage and fitness
  • Mobile massage
  • Airport transfer
  • Bike rental
  • Gift shop
  • Laundry services
  • Travel arrangements
  • 10-30 minutes to three Golf courses - Blue Canyon, Tai Muang, Taplamu
  • Business centre and internet
  • Meeting room for up to 100 persons
Guest Activities

Make the most of your holidays and enjoy the wide range of leisure activities offered

Sea Turtles

Our unspoiled white-sand beach and crystal-clear water is the natural environment for turtles to lay their eggs on a moonlit night in February. You can see them march into the sea in April when the eggs hatch.

Thai Cooking

If you would like to find out about Thai Culture or discover the secrets of Thai cooking, join our Thai Cooking Presentation. Thai food is internationally famous. Whether chilli-hot or for the milder taste buds, harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something unique. You can learn & test Thai cooking style with our award-winning executive chef. 

Thai Garland Demonstration

Garlands in Thailand are used as an offering in Buddhist religious ceremonies. However, they are now becoming part of home decoration. They make a beautiful gift for many occasions. Garlands bring luck and are used by most Thais to avoid misfortune. 

Vegetable & Fruit Carving Demonstrations

One particularly delightful aspect of Thai cuisine and the reflection of a more leisured past is the art of carving fruit and vegetables. In the fruit carver's skilled hands using a small and very sharp pointed knife, an ordinary papaya or pumpkin is turned into a bouquet of flowers, a radish becomes a tiny rabbit or a daisy and a carrot a rare orchid.