Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga, Thailand


Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga


Experience a whole range of healthy choices from our chef's exotic recipes featuring Thai and international cuisine served at two panoramic seaview restaurants, Paprika and Screw Pina. We proudly serve you the best 100% Thai fragrant rice from our selected rice mill with the finest selection of Thai gourmet dishes. The most recommended dish to start is Yum Goong Sod; an excellent combination of fresh shrimp from the Andaman Sea with lime, shallots, lemongrass, chili and mint leaf. For main course it could be our signature dish Pla Rad Prik Ranyatavi; deep-fried whole sea bass with chilli sauce or Ruam Mit Ranyatavi; grilled veal sausage, beef, chicken served with BBQ sauce. Finish your meal with our homemade deep-fried ice cream. Afterwards, spend a memorable night at our Galanga Bar, our romantic pub.

Must try once, and you will like it! 


Sweet to mildly pungent, red and yellow fruits or powder. It is used to provide aroma and natural colour in the food and cosmetic industries. Paprika is one of the richest sources available of vitamin C and contains significant amounts of sugar. It helps increase saliva production, normalizing stomach acids to assist with digestion. It has been known to regulate blood pressure and improve circulation.

Screw Pine

A small spreading evergreen tree up to six metres high with stout prop roots which firmly anchor the tree in loose sand. It is from the same family as Pandanus. In tropical Asia, Pandanus leaves are a popular flavouring because their fragrance enhances the flavour of foods, for instance, rice, chicken and desserts. Other benefits of Pandanus include helping diabetes, the heart and urinary tract. 


A native of Southeast Asia. Galanga has been used as a domestic spice in Asian cuisines for centuries. It has many medicinal properties similar to ginger. For foods and drinks, it is a digestive stimulant and also helps to settle stomach upsets, ease nausea and curb flatulence. Its rhizome contains many essential oils which help release muscle stress.