Bang Niang Beach Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Bang Niang Beach

For those jaded by the raunchy nightlife scene in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, Bang Niang provides the perfect antidote.

Friendly, innocuous and light hearted, Bang Niang nightlife offers the perfect opportunity to go out and meet fellow holidaymakers without being annoyed by hawkers, tailors and ladies of the night.

Degree Bar

At the last count there were something like two zillion bars in Thailand with faded heavy wooden furniture, open sides and a wagon wheel nonchalantly planted by the doorway. Degree Bar could be the stereotypical example of this genre. Looking out over the highway, there’s plenty of space to park your car/chopper/horse and, with live music every night, it’s the quintessential Thai bar experience – the Nth Degree you might say.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – late
Location: At the entrance of Khao Niau Road, Highway 4


Jerung Street

This is the liveliest nightlife spot in Bang Niang. It consists of five or more bars, each blasting out its particular taste in music and each pretty similar in prices (cocktails are surprisingly cheap) and layout – an ideal location for bar hopping. As is common in holiday destinations, different nationalities choose different bars so suit yourself. You can also mix shopping with partying as there are several fun boutiques and artists’ ateliers down this street.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – late
Location: Halfway down Soi Bang Niang # 1


Jovel’s obviously thinking big with a large stage, lots of seating, an expansive Beer Garden as well as good happy hour offers. The trouble is, apart from paid-ticket concerts by Thai ‘songs for life’ artists, not a lot seems to go on there, probably because Thai folk music doesn’t appeal to many foreigners and the locals are too busy working through the high season to attend a concert. Still, it’s a breezy and open location at which to enjoy a jug of draught Chang Beer. Best to go late afternoon on a market day (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday).

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 23:00
Location: Khao Niau Road, Highway 4

Khao Lak Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai, fast becoming a worldwide sports sensation, is an obsession in Thailand and its participants train hard and long in between bouts. Fighters tend to stay with their particular training gym and are matched according to ability. Of course, some of the stadiums in extremely tourist areas put on staged fights but for others it’s taken extremely seriously. Khao Lak Boxing Stadium is the Real Thing with fights taking place weekly. The atmosphere at these bouts is electrifying and made no less so because of the amount of money at stake. Prizes are big, risks are high and the result is dramatic. Fights take place every Friday evening, starting at 21:45.

Opening Hours: Fridays 21:45 onwards
Location: Just off Highway 4 opposite 7-Eleven

Ladyboy Cabarets

Phuket has Simon Cabaret, Pattaya has Tiffany, Samui and even Koh Tao has ladyboy shows and now… Khao Lak. Yes, you read it here first, folks: Angel Ladyboy Cabaret and Moo Moo Cabaret Show & Bar are diagonally opposite each other on Highway 4 and are both pretty basic, in that they’re converted bars made out to look like mini-theatres. Of course you’re not going to get world-class standard shows but don’t forget that Phuket’s flashy Simon Cabaret started out life in a humble shophouse. Enjoy – and brush up on your sense of humour before going. Of the two, Moo Moo is the easier going.

Opening Hours: Showtime at Angel is 21:30, at Moo Moo 21:45
Location: Highway 4 Bang Niang

My Friends and Reggae Bar

These two bars are set back from the road and are built for partying. Open sided and softly lit, they blast out music from early evening until late and, as there’s no traffic flowing by, they’re good for open-air dancing.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – late
Location: Off Soi Bang Niang near Emerald Plaza

Smile Bar

On the corner of Emerald Plaza, Smile Bar affords great people watching. With Chang Beer on tap and light refreshments as well as the regular gamut of cocktails, Smile is a happy early-evening place. The music can be a bit overpowering but this is Thailand and if it doesn’t agree with you feel free to ask to turn it down.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – late
Location: Soi Bang Niang # 1 halfway down

Song’s Bar

One of the more established bars in Bang Niang, Song’s is frequented by locals and the scuba diving crowd, resulting in an expat feel to the place. Basic, open sided and unpretentious, this is the place to come to for a good conversation and warm-hearted company.

Location: Soi Bang Niang # 1 near to Highway 4

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