Khao Lak Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Khao Lak

Pattaya or Patong it most certainly is not but Khao Lak does not want for charming, friendly and welcoming cafés, bars and clubs. Many people return year after year to ‘their’ bar in Khao Lak where the atmosphere is more European than Asian and the absence of raunch a positive point and one which families enjoy.

Bang Niang Nightlife Bang Niang Nightlife

For those jaded by the raunchy nightlife scene in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, Bang Niang provides the perfect antidote. Friendly, innocuous and light hearted, Bang Niang nightlife offers the perfect opportunity to go out and meet fellow holidaymakers without being annoyed by hawkers, tailors and ladies of the night. Read More...

La On Village Nightlife La On Village Nightlife

Don’t expect hedonistic, out-of-control head-banging nightlife in Khao Lak but do look out for lots of friendly people, laid-back pubs and bars with a touch of live music here and there. La On is actually small enough to walk the length of it and take in the pubs and bars as they come. Read More...


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