La Flora Resort & Spa


Spa La Flora is a classy refuge of relaxation and recreation for body and mind. Our friendly and experienced staff offers you a number of assorted and balanced treatments deriving from traditional Asian medicine, age-old rituals and modern holistic remedies.

Our therapeutic services boost concentration and awareness while reducing stress, helping you attain the ultimate balance.Whether it be a relaxing massage, cleansing body treatment, or one of our nourishing facial applications, we assure that you will receive most satisfying treatment and experience enduring relaxation.

Immerse in a place where elements, architecture and skilled treatment combine to a perfect, revitalizing spa-experience. Put back a little of what life takes out...

Facial Treatment

La Flora Facial (60 mins)
A gentle facial, neck and shoulder massage using pure essential oils, which leave skin feeling smooth, fresh and invigorated.

Rejuvenating Facial (60 mins)
A rejuvenating facial that refines the skin using natural cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Followed by face massage using the finest honey and mask of fresh cucumber, which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Deep cleansing Facial (60 mins)
A refreshing facial treatment providing cleansing, gentle exfoliation and followed by detoxifying facial mask after that cleansing and mask again promoting beautiful radiant skin.

Aromatherapy Facial (60 mins)
An uplifting experience of lymphatic drainage using pure essential oils to cleanse and refresh, facial massage and mask are designed to purify and promote beautiful radiant skin.

Body Treatment

Andaman Salt Scrub (50 mins)
A full exfoliation using dead sea salt mixed with essential oils blend. It helps to remove impurities, increase circulation and leaving new radiance to the skin.

OPC Body Polisher (50 mins)
An invigoratively treatment using an anti-oxidizing body get to cleanse. Stimulate circulation and purify skin.

Exotic Body Scrub (50 mins)
A full exfoliation using traditional Thai herbal scrub, that will cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and fresh plus healthy skin.

Coffee Body Scrub (50 mins)
Made from locally grown Thai coffee beans, honey and yogurt. This original La Flora’s recipe provides a stimulating and refreshing cleanse for the whole body. This intoxicatingly aromatic experience aims to rejuvenate the skin and arouse the senses.

Samsala Body Scrub (50 mins)
This treatment begins with an exfoliation scrub by white sesame, oat meal and cucumber, followed by yogurt rub down.

Sunburn Soother (50 mins)
This cooling treatment has been specifically designed to rejuvenate tired sunburnt and damaged skin with chamomile and rose AHC compress, purifying mask and soothing body treatment with Aloe Vera Gel.

La Flora Soothing Body mask (60 mins)
A rejuvenating treatment which nourishes and refreshes your skin with the cooling and toning effect of Aloe Vera.

La Flora White Mud Body Mask (60 mins)
A remineralizing treatment using honey sesame seeds and yogurt to exfoliate the skin is followed by white mud body wrap to increase circulation and detoxification.

Body Massage

Traditional Thai Massage (60/90 mins)
An ancient Traditional Thai Massage is a unique blind of deep tissue massage, using pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and creating an overall feeling of well being.

Herbal healer oil Massage (90 mins)
This healing session begins with the application of a hot compress and followed by a full body massage with Thai herbal therapy. It soothes muscle tension and stiffness of back, shoulder, neck and legs.

Aromatherapy Massage (60/90 mins)
Our most aromatic and relaxing massage applied on your skin will relieve stressed muscles,increase circulation, soothe the body, mind, spirit and with a sense of well being.

Swedish Massage (60/90 mins)
This invigorating Massage combines effluerage, tapostment, and petrissage technique to loosen muscle tightness and restore blood flow throughout the body Swedish massage is good for health especially skin and muscle system.

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 mins)
A deep tissue massage is focused on the deeper layers of muscle tissue through slow strokes and pressure across the grain of muscles and tendon. It’s great for relieving chronic muscular tension and improves blood circulation, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. Designed for those with an active lifestyle or for those who prefer a strong massage.

Tension Relief Massage (25 mins)
A back massage to loosen tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and backs.

Foot & Legs Massage (45 mins)
This luxurious Massage assists in the relief of stress, tension and revives tired feet. Mildreflexology is applied to treat physical aliments by using pressure points in the feet. An ancient technique based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy from the reflex points of the feet.

Beauty Treatment

Hair Care

  • Shampoo, Blow-dry (60 mins)
  • Herbal Conditioning Treatment (60 mins)

Hand and Foot Treatment

  • Anti-Aging Hand Care (50 mins)
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment (50 mins)
  • Manicure (45 mins)
  • Healing Heels (50 mins)
  • Paraffin Foot Treatment (50 mins)
  • Pedicure (50 mins)

Steam or Sauna Treatment

  • Herbal Sauna (30 mins)
  • Thai Herbal steam (30 mins)

Baht Rituals

  • Herbal Bath (30 mins)
  • Aromatic Milk Bath (30 mins)
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