La On Village - Nang Thong Beach

Everything you need to know about La On Village

La On is the main shopping, dining and nightlife hub of Nang Tong Beach and is a hive of activity once the sun sinks into the Andaman Sea. A one-kilometre strip of restaurants bars and shops, it’s the One-Stop destination for the whole of Phang Nga Province. A mere stroll away from the beach, you’ll find all you’re looking for here.

La On Village Restaurants La On Village Restaurants

La On Village has many restaurants with a wide range of cuisines to choose from but it is certainly not a fine-dining destination. Expect many middle-range restaurants serving mixed-nationality cuisine in an effort to keep everybody happy. Read More...

La On Village Nightlife La On Village Nightlife

Don’t expect hedonistic, out-of-control head-banging nightlife in Khao Lak but do look out for lots of friendly people, laid-back pubs and bars with a touch of live music here and there. La On is actually small enough to walk the length of it and take in the pubs and bars as they come. Read More...

La On Village Shopping La On Village Shopping

Only a few years back La On consisted of a few mom & pop stores, roadside restaurants and a German ‘imbiss’ establishment. Nowadays you can eat pretty much any international dish here, shop till you drop and even grab a Big Mac 24 hours round the clock. Read More...


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