5 Best Activities in Khao Lak

Most Popular Activities in Phang Nga Province

This list of the best activities in Khao Lak will certainly please all those who could not imagine their holiday without a little action and fun. Khao Lak is still a recent addition to the long list of popular destinations in Thailand, and its appearance on the tourism radar is mostly due to the leisure activity that tops our listing: scuba diving.

But there is far more to this stunningly attractive area than just diving and the most popular activities in Khao Lak will no doubt please everyone. Of course, you could spend you whole vacation sunbathing at one of the pristine, deserted beaches that largely contributed to the increasing reputation of Khao Lak; yet, there’s enough alternatives to spend an active holiday in this superb region of southern Thailand. Check them out below!

Please also not that some of the activities on display below are only available during high season (November-April).

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Scuba Diving from Khao Lak

With over 20 dive centres located between Nang Thong and Bang Niang beaches, Khao Lak is recognized as one of the prime scuba diving destinations in southern Thailand. The most notable dive sites that can be visited from Khao Lak are world-wide famous: Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon feature stunning underwater sceneries filled with abundant marine life including large species - whale sharks and manta rays can be seen throughout the year although are more common around their predicted migratory patterns - that make a dive especially memorable. Closer to the shore, you could also find some great dive spots such as Bangsak wreck, Thai Muang wreck, and Khao Na Yak reef, just to name a few. Read More...

Snorkeling in and near Khao Lak

Snorkeling is one of the prime activities available from Khao Lak, even though the beaches of the area do not offer great spots (with the exception of a few rocks off Nang Thong Beach, or the small rocky capes that separate beaches). Similar to scuba diving, the Similan Islands (as well as the Surin Islands further north) are the best place to go to practice snorkelling. Located some 70km west of Phang Nga coast, it takes about two hours to get to the Similans by speedboat, and most people agree the journey is worth it. Snorkelling in crystal clear, shallow waters filled with schools of colourful fish really is a pleasant activity. Read More...

Bamboo Rafting & Kayaking
Bamboo Rafting & Kayaking

The hinterland of Phang Nga Province to which Khao Lak belongs is a scarcely developed region featuring hills covered by rain forest and agricultural lands (this area is a prime producer of fruits and vegetables). This wild and green low mountainous landscape is also the source of a great number of rivers and streams. They offer the perfect field to relaxing activities such as bamboo rafting and kayaking which are run by many tour companies in the region. Slowly cruising on a gentle river surrounded by lush vegetation is an exotic experience that almost anyone can enjoy. You can spot a wide range of fauna and flora species along the way and take in the genuine atmosphere of southern Thailand.

Even though Thai cuisine is not the first reason for millions people to visit Thailand every year, it certainly is one of the best assets of the country. With an emphasis on the balance of the five fundamental taste senses (sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy), Thai cuisine is nowadays fairly recognized all around the world. In Khao Lak, you can sample a great variety of dishes from all around the kingdom, and you also learn how to prepare the most notable dishes. Many resorts (The Manathai, The Sarojin, and more) as well as a good number of independent Thai cooking school (often in restaurants) can be found in Khao Lak. Read More...

There are two golf courses near Khao Lak in Phang Nga Province. The closest one is the Tablamu Navy Golf Course located at the Royal Thai Navy Sport Development Centre in Tap Lamu, a dozen kilometres south of Khao Lak. It is an 18-hole, 6825 yard, par 72 course. Nestled in the heart of Phang Nga Province hinterland lies the Katathong Golf Course. It is the latest addition to the many top-notch golf courses in southern Thailand. It is an 18-hole, 7,23 yards, par 72 golf course. Read More...

  • Tel: Tablamu Navy Golf Course +66 (0)76 443 288; Katathong Golf Course +66 (0)76 592 999
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