Khao Lak Top 10s

The Best of Khao Lak: An Overview

Khao Lak is undergoing a certain amount of growth and expansion but the region still offers miles and miles of deserted beaches, deep jungle exploration and lots of Nature tours.

Naturally, its accommodation reflects the nature of its surroundings and that's why visitors will be more than delighted to discover that there's no overcrowded, resort-lined beach, and indeed there are many verdant and beachside resorts to choose from.

Top 10 Best Khao Lak Hotels Top 10 Khao Lak Hotels

Khao Lak features miles of pristine beaches and a peaceful holiday atmosphere that is far removed from most typical bustling holiday destinations. For tranquility, broad open horizons and lots of nature, Khao Lak is certainly amongst the top Thai holiday destinations and is ideally suited for couples and families who are looking for a secluded and tranquil beachside place to stay. Read More...

Top 5 Tours in Khao Lak Top 5 Tours in Khao Lak

Mile after mile of beautiful beaches backed by richly verdant mountains containing adventure, exotic flora, dramatic waterfalls, world-class trekking, campsites and bungalows, Elephant camps, whitewater rivers and tropical mountain views that defy description – all this adds up to Khao Lak in Thailand’s Phang Nga Province. Read More...


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