The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa, Thailand


The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa, Thailand

The hot spring source was found in this piece of land about 40 years ago. The water was originally sprung out about 3.5 m above the ground. However, due to the land development, a concrete wall was made to cover the spring which reduces its height to 1-1.5 m at the present day.

Out natural hot spring mineral water has many health benefits, such as:

  • cleanses and beautifies your skin
  • eases and soothes tired or aching muscles and joints
  • eases tension and de-stress with the comfortable water temperature (approx. 45 °C)
  • provides more effective massage by deep heating the muscles prior to your treatment

Furthermore, the elements dissolve in the water are thought to have therapeutic value, for instance:

  • Calcium is vital for bone structures and aiding in the function of muscular tissues.
  • Iron enables red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body, which is vital for the formation of the hemoglobin.

The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa, Thailand

No.of rooms: 8
Hotspring Pool Villa the luxurious trendy suite with the warm mineral Hotspring pool, enjoy swimming in a private pool and outdoor resting pavilion (100 m²). Read More...

No.of rooms: 10
Grand Pool Villa providing extreme privacy & elegant for couples with Jacuzzi, outdoor heaven shower, private swimming pool & resting area (110 m²). Read More...

No.of rooms: 4
The Honeymoon Pool Villa is an ideal for a romance & relaxation. Each room contains king-size bed, private swimming pool with Jacuzzi, private relaxing area, and open-air shower. Read More...

No.of rooms: 1
Grand Sea View Suite is another luxury suite with 180 degree sea view. It is a two-storey duplex contains two king-size beds with Jacuzzi and private living room. Read More...