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Khao Lak by year grows in popularity yet is still relatively tranquil, largely due to its size and ability to 'swallow up' its many hotels. Yes, the area is sizeable and to successfully choose one location over the other needs some solid facts and information. Check out our hotel listings by location.

Current Hot Deals in Khao Lak

Welcome Summer
Apsara Beachfront Resort
Superior + Stay 2 nights get Free Upgrade to Deluxe Room
THB 1,650
Weekend Sale
Sensimar Khaolak Beachfront Resort
Deluxe + Late Check-Out + Free WiFi
THB 1,929
Save UP to 30%
Takolaburi Cultural Spa & Sport Resort
Deluxe + Breakfast + Thai Set Dinner (Stay 3 Nights or More)
THB 1,929
Fasai House
Standard Aircon Room
THB 505
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Khao Lak

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Khaolak Wandee Hostel   Khao Lak 505 THB
  SS Emerald Suite   Khao Lak 505 THB
  Jerung Hotel   Khao Lak 670 THB
  Khaolak Traveller Lodge   Khao Lak 674 THB
  Srichada Motel   Khao Lak 674 THB
  Khaolak Seafan Bed & Breakfast   Khao Lak 716 THB
  Fasai House   Khao Lak 758 THB
  Baan Bamboo Resort   Khao Lak 826 THB
  Sangswan Resort   Khao Lak 842 THB
  The Mouth Resort   Khao Lak 842 THB
  Tony Lodge Khaolak   Khao Lak 842 THB
  Waterpalm Resort   Khao Lak 842 THB
  Seabox Khaolak Hostel   Khao Lak 885 THB
  Hotel Rukcozy Khao Lak   Khao Lak 1011 THB
  Ladda Resort   Khao Lak 1095 THB
  Khaolak Summer House Resort   Khao Lak 1137 THB
  Andaman Princess Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 1179 THB
  Krathom Khaolak   Khao Lak 1179 THB
  Khao Lak Mohin Tara Hotel   Khao Lak 1314 THB
  Khaolak Youth Club   Khao Lak 1348 THB
  Cousin Resort   Khao Lak 1432 THB
  Suk Sompong Resort   Khao Lak 1432 THB
  The Kib Resort & Spa - Kho Khao Island Beach Resort   Khao Lak 1592 THB
  Motive Cottage Resort   Khao Lak 1601 THB
  Gerd and Noi Resort   Khao Lak 1685 THB
  Khaolak Boutique Heritage   Khao Lak 1685 THB
  Suwan Palm Resort   Khao Lak 1685 THB
  Bangpling Nature   Khao Lak 1769 THB
  Loma Resort   Khao Lak 1853 THB
  Kantary Beach Hotel Villas & Suites Khao Lak   Khao Lak 1896 THB
  The Tacola Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 1938 THB
  Palm Garden Resort Khaolak   Khao Lak 2022 THB
  Palm Galleria Resort   Khao Lak 2190 THB
  Ayara Villas   Khao Lak 2275 THB
  Ocean Breeze Resort Khaolak   Khao Lak 2278 THB
  The Sunset Beach Resort Koh Kho Khao   Khao Lak 2300 THB
  Khaolak Forest Resort   Khao Lak 2359 THB
  Thai OT Khaolak Resort   Khao Lak 2359 THB
  The Briza Beach Resort Khao Lak   Khao Lak 2393 THB
  Takolaburi Cultural Spa & Sport Resort   Khao Lak 2465 THB
  Khao Lak Diamond Beach Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 2517 THB
  Khaolak Southsea   Khao Lak 2528 THB
  Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 2544 THB
  Centara Seaview Resort Khao Lak   Khao Lak 2578 THB
  Baan Krating Khao Lak Resort   Khao Lak 2696 THB
  Monochrome Resort   Khao Lak 2780 THB
  The Leaf on The Sands   Khao Lak 2873 THB
  Khaolak Bay Front Resort   Khao Lak 2974 THB
  Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 3096 THB
  Khaolak Oriental Resort   Khao Lak 3108 THB
  Loft Garden Villa at Bangsak   Khao Lak 3117 THB
  ThaiLife Homestay Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 3243 THB
  Apsara Beachfront Resort & Villa   Khao Lak 3370 THB
  Khaolak Bhandari Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 3454 THB
  Sentido Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 3454 THB
  Haadson Resort Khao Lak   Khao Lak 3538 THB
  Khao Lak Riverside Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 3538 THB
  Baan Khaolak Resort   Khao Lak 3623 THB
  Bangsak Village   Khao Lak 3707 THB
  Khao Lak Palm Beach Resort   Khao Lak 3960 THB
  Manathai Khao Lak   Khao Lak 4136 THB
  Moracea by Khao Lak Resort   Khao Lak 4211 THB
  Sudala Beach Resort   Khao Lak 4212 THB
  The Haven Khao Lak   Khao Lak 4225 THB
  Sensimar Khaolak Beachfront Resort   Khao Lak 4464 THB
  Khaolak Laguna Resort   Khao Lak 4802 THB
  Khaolak Wanaburee Resort   Khao Lak 4971 THB
  Ramada Khao Lak Resort   Khao Lak 5358 THB
  Pullman Khao Lak Katiliya Resort and Spa   Khao Lak 5441 THB
  Khaolak Merlin Resort   Khao Lak 5897 THB
  The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani   Khao Lak 6028 THB
  La Flora Resort & Spa Khao Lak   Khao Lak 6596 THB
  Khaolak Palm Beach Resort   Khao Lak 6740 THB
  JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa   Khao Lak 7065 THB
  Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa Resort   Khao Lak 7582 THB
  Casa de La Flora Khao Lak   Khao Lak 7762 THB
  Pullman Khao Lak Katiliya Villas   Khao Lak 8240 THB
  Mystery Hotel Khao Lak - 5 Star romantic modernist hideaway resort and spa   Khao Lak 10761 THB
  The Sarojin   Khao Lak 11723 THB
  Beyond Resort Khaolak   Khao Lak 15838 THB

Kok Kloy

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  WATERJADE   Kok Kloy 986 THB
  Bor Saen Villa & Spa   Kok Kloy 3707 THB

Natai Beach

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ranyatavi Resort Phang Nga   Natai Beach 2957 THB
  Maikhao Dream Resort and Spa Natai Phang Nga   Natai Beach 3308 THB
  The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa   Natai Beach 3370 THB
  Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket   Natai Beach 3854 THB
  Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket - Phang Nga   Natai Beach 7695 THB

Other Areas

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kuraburi Greenview Resort   Other Areas 1264 THB

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