The Briza Beach Resort Khao Lak, Thailand


The Briza Beach Resort Khao Lak


Facilities & Services

Fitness Centre
Meeting & Banquets
Recreations & Activities

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking and/or canoeing
  • Golf
  • Thai culinary cooking class / fruit carving

Transportation times

  • Phuket International Airport 60 Mins.
  • Phuket Town 1.5 Hrs.
  • Patong Beach Two Hrs.



Attractions in Phang-Nga

James Bond Island, a famous landmark called Koh Ping-gan, first found its way onto the international map through its starring role in the James Bond movie 'The Man With the Golden Gun'. And this is where they seem to take all of the tourists - all at one time. The entire area surrounding this island with its signature rocky pinnacle is indeed spectacular, but most of the tour bus visitors follow the same well-worn itinerary. An integral part of that tour is lunch at Koh Pannyi.

Koh Pannyi (Sea Gypsy Island) is a remarkable village, the whole of it built out over water on stilts and with a giant rock monolith guarding its rear. At lunchtime, up to 3,000 tourists on the James Bond Island tours are brought in to eat and shop for handicrafts. As soon as the tourists leave, the community closes up its restaurants and trinket shops and transforms itself from a tourist trap into a quiet community of fishermen.

Sea Canoeing in Phang Nga Bay and Krabi is an amazing experience and there are lost worlds awaiting discovery. It wasn't many years ago that aerial surveys first revealed the hongs, or 'rooms', that lie inside some of Phang Nga's islands. These fabulous microcosms, hidden realms rich in unspoiled flora and fauna, are collapsed-cave systems open to the sky and surrounded by towering limestone walls. Try sea canoeing, where you paddle sturdy inflatable boats through caves into the mysterious hearts of islands such as Koh Panak and Koh Hong. 

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