Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket - Phangnga, Thailand


Aleenta Resort & Spa


Spa hours are 09:00 -21:00 daily. Last treatment finishes at 21:00

For any queries or information regarding the spa, please dial Aleenta Spa on extension 2.. We provide showers, towels and robes for your comfort as well as the best hand-picked professionals to deliver your treatment. 

We recommend that you arrive at the spa 10 minutes prior to your therapy to take time to enjoy complimentary refreshments and relax in our idyllic surroundings before your treatment.

All treatments will be charged to your room and will appear on your account at check out.

We recommend that you place all jewellry in your guestroom safe before coming to the spa.
We recommend not to sunbathe for a minimum of four hours following an aromatherapy treatment.

Smoking or the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the spa. 

Essence of Earth

At Aleenta, we learn from nature, extracting all that is beautiful. All products used in spa treatments are 100 % natural, using the finest herbal ingredients. We strike a balance of not only aromatic senses, but also of healing powers. These exclusive items can be used daily for nourishment of the body and soul.

Body Scrub: The essence of cleansing
Jasmine Rice and Golden Sandalwood: Ground Jasmine Rice, extract of Golden Sandalwood to sooth, calm and stimulate circulation
Honey and Wheat: Ground Black Sesame with Bergamot, Honey and Wheat Germ extracts to rejuvenate, nourish, and improve blood circulation

Essential Massage Oils:
Kaffir Lime & Spices: Kaffir Lime & Spices: Stimulates circulation
Marigold and Tanaka: Refresh and Relax
Aleenta's Secret: A unique blend of Aleenta's best, designed to fit our philosophy - relaxation and beauty of life simply within reach.

Aromatic Bath:
Ocean Breeze: Extract of Eucalyptus and other natural oils to sooth, rejuvenates and reminds you of the blue marine.
Starry Night: Extract of Black Sesame, Green Tea, Chamomile, Sandalwood and other essential oils to calm you and send you off to dreamland. 


 Detoxification is about balance. It is the process of taking time to rebalance your body's energy by removing harmful toxins that have accumulated over time. Detoxification does not mean deprivation and you do not have to go to extremes to punish your body in the process of re-acquiring a healthy balance.


The Aleenta Detox Retreat is a balanced approach to restoration. It combines healthy nutrition and tailored Spa treatments with activity and relaxation. Aleenta provides you with a balanced cuisine featuring our own organic vegetables, fruits, natural juices, and low-fat dishes. The Aleenta Detox Retreat is an opportunity to rebalance and to give your own personal needs a chance to catch up with the demands put on you by everyday life.

Located in Hua Hin, Pranburi & Phuket-Phang Nga, the award-winning Aleenta Resorts and
Spas are a place for perfect relaxation!
Balance your body! Balance your mind!
Reacquire the harmony of balance with an Aleenta Detox Retreat!


Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise both body and mind. The centuries-old Eastern practice can be performed at Aleenta under the watchful instruction of a personal and qualified instructor in private or as a group. 

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