Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket - Phangnga, Thailand


Aleenta Resort & Spa

Resort Facilities

Simple and unfussy doesn't have to be bohemian. The Robinson Crusoe in us has grown up and we want all the comforts in life.

  • Unique luxury boutique resort consists of 15 high-end Suites
  • Wireless Broadband Internet Connection throughout Resort & Villas
  • Aleenta Spa offers a full range of pampering and treatments
  • Restaurant Serving Thai and Fusion Cuisine, with concentration on healthy lifestyle choices
  • Sunset Lounge and an open-air bar overlooking the sea
  • Sandwich Bar for all day snacks
  • Yoga Practice Area and Instruction
  • Room Service
  • Swimming pool with ocean view
  • Library
  • Music (CD) Library
  • Boutique
  • Unique Wedding and Celebration Venue on the beach
  • Concierge & Security 
Cooking Classes

 Thai Cooking can be readily envisioned as a work of art. The people have a natural and creative sense of beauty, and express it in many ways. Both men and women learn to create beautifully shaped fruits and vegetables, carving them with all the skill of a talented artisan.

The appeal of much of Thai Cuisine owes a great deal to the spices, herbs and seasonings grown under the brilliant skies of Thailand. Some visitors have heard, erroneously, that all Thai food is hot or extremely hot! Although some Thai dishes are quite spicy, far more dishes are completely mild, and require no adjustment whatsoever. With its evocative flavors of lemongrass, sweet basil, and coconut milk, Thai food is the result of the subtle blending of herbs and spices and the incorporation of the crispy freshness of stir-fried vegetables, curries, and rich sauces.

At Aleenta we use only fresh produce from the local markets - it gives our Chef immense opportunities to create an extraordinary array of distinctive dishes, from pleasantly mild to intensely spicy!

Aleenta's Thai Cooking Class is tailormade for you and your partner - individual attention is assured.

A typical day commences with a visit to the morning market. Your tour guide is our own Chef. He/she will take you through the market and explain the assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit while selecting your ingredients for the day. Then it's back to the resort and into one of the kitchen-equipped villas to begin your hands-on Thai inspired cooking class. Enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with our Chef as well as the invigorating scents of your creation to be.

Your Thai Cooking Class ends with a relaxed dining experience on the rooftop of the villa with our complimentary:

  •  A glass of Aleenta wine for each diner
  •  Recipe booklet
  •  Cooking Class Certificate
  •  Apron with Aleenta's Logo

Each 'student' will receive a recipe booklet and a certificate of completion signed by our Chef and Director of Food & Beverage.

Classes start at 09:00 with a visit to the market. Cooking will commence at around 11:00 with lunch to follow.
You can also indicate different timings if you prefer.

Activities Nearby

Locating on a stunning stretch of white sandy beach on the Andaman Coast and just off the northern tip of Phuket Island, Aleenta offers a great opportunity to explore the best of both Phuket and Phang Nga's natural wonders on both land and sea.

Phang Nga Bay National Park
A geological wonder filled with islets, sunken caverns and startling rock formations rising sheer out of the sea.

Phang Nga Bay is one of southern Thailand's most scenic areas. One of the best ways to explore it is via sea canoes in which you can explore the many fascinating caverns (hongs) with their own eco-systems.

From Panyi Island, inhabited by sea gypsies and their famous village built entirely on stilts to James Bond Island, named after the Bond movie shot there, The Man with the Golden Gun, seen here in real life and still as amazing, even without 007. Koh Hong is one of the most popular of these islands. Khao Khien near Koh Pannyi is worth sailing past to see the ancient paintings of boats and animals on the rock walls and a chance sighting of a rare swimming iguana.

Phang Nga Bay is also a great place for boating. The interesting limestone cliffs create a picturesque backdrop and there are many safe places to anchor. The fact that it's protected from both the Northeast and the Southwest monsoon seasons means that its waters remain calm all year round, which adds to the appeal of its scenic wonders and abundant wildlife. 

Similan Island National Park

The Similam Islands, located about 100 kilometers northwest of Phuket, compose of nine granite islands covered in tropical jungle.

Washed by clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with some of the world's finest beaches, The Similans offer one the most spectacular dive sites in the world. With two radically different types of environment all rolled together into one destination, nowhere else in the world will divers find such diverse topography in such a small area.

Being under national park protection, there are no resorts on any of the islands and hopefully it will stay this way. Whale sharks, hammerheads and manta rays can be spotted during their respective seasons.

Diving trips can be arranged from Aleenta and can be done in a day trip with three or four dives. Non-divers and snorkellers can also visit for the day. Take a speedboat or a hydrofoil, which allows enough time for superb snorkelling and sightseeing. 

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park, is the largest area of natural jungle in southern Thailand. Lying within a 90-minute drive from Aleenta is a long strip of rainforest with outstanding natural beauty, spectacular limestone mountains, cliffs, caves, rivers and waterfalls.

Much of the forest is still intact and home to a huge variety of tropical birds, animal, insects, reptiles and plant life. Elephants, tapirs, gibbons and even rafflesia (the largest flower in the world - up to 80cm in diameter!) are to be found in this diverse and special place.

The nature and ecology of the area has yet to be fully studied but it is truly amazing in the variety of plants and animals that exist here making the trip one of the most rewarding excursions. Whitewater rafting can be organized as part of this visit.

Sailing and Boating


Phuket is THE base for sailing the Andaman Sea and there are few places on earth that compare when it comes to tropical sailing.

The Andaman Sea, with Phuket as its hub, will always be Thailand's reigning maritime jewel. Here we find some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the region, with crystal-clear waters and stunning geography. The diversity in this region is also a powerful attraction. First among the boating attractions of the Andaman is Phang Nga Bay, famed for the stunning limestone mountains that rise vertically out of the calm, turquoise waters. This bay offers year-round shelter, and even during the heavy months of the monsoon a yacht can find calm waters, tranquility and serene beauty here.

When the clear skies of the northeast season arrive in November or December the bay is both a fabulously beautiful playground and great day out sailing. 



Thailand's southern provinces of Phuket and Phang Nga offer world-class courses set in stunning scenery, at very reasonable rates.

Designed around natural features of the landscape, the courses offer spectacular, sometimes daunting, natural hazards and provide a challenge for golfers at every level. Over the years, the golf courses in Phang Nga and Phuket have attracted world-ranking tournaments such as the Johnnie Walker Classic and a number of other prestigious awards. The experience though, is really about playing a challenging round of golf surrounded by some the most beautiful scenery in southern Thailand.

After your game you can enjoy excellent facilities and impeccable service. Green and caddie fees are always very affordable and some courses boast excellent cuisine and accommodation. So try the golfing experience, it's unlike anywhere else on earth. To book, please see our special packages with top golf courses in the area. 

Wedding & Honeymoon

Aleenta is the perfect location for small and intimate wedding celebrations or special occasions.

Aleenta's personal wedding planner is here to help you plan the perfect day; from arranging the ceremony, flower decoration, finding the right music to entertain your guests, to photographers and makeup artists. We can help you celebrate one of the most important days of your life in as carefree a manner as possible. An Aleenta wedding is tailormade to suit your dreams. 

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